Gordon Ramsay Adds Vegan Sunday Roast to London Restaurants

Origin: https://vegnews.com/2019/3/gordon-ramsay-adds-vegan-sunday-roast-to-london-restaurants

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently included a vegan Sunday Roast into the menu of the London-based restaurants Bread Street Kitchen (BSK), Maze Grills, along with London House. The dish consists of a vegan nut-based roast with plant-based trimmings. The roast was added into the menu after the success of Ramsay’s vegan Beet Wellington at BSK, which is part of this restaurant’s committed noodle menu that started in January to coincide with the worldwide Veganuary campaign. “When the roast will survive, it should evolve to satisfy the expectations, and diets, of our creation,” his restaurant site states . “Hence, the growth of the vegetarian and vegan roast. ” Ramsay was once a critic of veganism but has adopted the rising consumer interest in plant-based foods. Last month, he announced the inclusion of the Impossible Burger to the menu of Bread Street Kitchen’s Singapore place.