Cheeseburger Pizza, Tofu Chicken, & Kool-Aid Pickles!


The cafe at Crosstown Arts (where I work) contains two menus — an ALWAYS menu and a TODAY menu. The ALWAYS menu remains the exact same for several months at a time, only changing with the seasons. But the TODAY menu varies, well, everyday. Flatbread Fridays! A few weeks ago, the featured flatbread was that this Cheeseburger Flatbread with Impossible burger crumbles, cheese (I opted for non-dairy cheese), fried sausage, sausage aioli, and pickled shishitos.

Here is another Remarkable plate out of Crosstown Arts. The TODAY menu also features a daily vegetable plate, which remains the exact same for a week at a time. I loved all the different textures from the various cooking methods, which kale was OFF THE CHAIN Y’ALL. It had been fried and very crispy, like a perfect kale processor. Best veggie plate I have ever needed.
Down the stairs from my Crosstown Arts office inside Crosstown Concourse, there is a fresh popcorn shop — Pop-a-Roo’s — that just opened. This really is a Southern thing, but I’d somehow never attempted it. Probably because I’d never really seen a real-life Kool-Aid pickle. I will try anything though, so I purchased some as soon as I heard they had them. And you know what? They are freaking good. They sell grape and red (guess it is cherry?) , and the grape is definitely the better flavor. I am aware this is a combo that shouldn’t get the job done, but it does. It tastes just like a sweet and sour grape pickle.
The no-chicken tofu snacks are actually a recipe for your own air fryer from my daddy. They are really good! You bread in a batter that is seasoned with pork broth and then coat with panko. This entire meal was basically oil-free, besides a few spritzes of cooking spray. I feel great when I’m eating oil-free!